Wait for me!

I sneak into our bed softly lest I should wake you up. I know you might be asleep now since you got to bed ten minutes earlier. However, once you sense my faint movement you turn around and push the quilt away for me. I smile and lay my exhausted body next to you resting my head on your welcoming, stretched arm. You utter no word. Your smiling, sleepy eyes wish me good night when you softly kiss my forehead. I hear your steady breath a few seconds later indicating that you have fallen asleep. I adjust the position of my head in order not to lay so much weight on your arm. I smile with contentment thinking that sleeping next to the you is never a waste of time. On the contrary, it is like captivating an endless moment of time. With no consciousness, worries, or fears. I give up my burdened heart and restless thoughts and surrender to the infinite annihilation with the endearing body lying next to me. Every time I wake up I feel I've had an endless life that I just left and will return to once I close my eyes and rest across your strong body. I cast one more look at your chin that I love the most and utter a sleepy whisper "Wait for me! I'll catch up with you."



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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

a very beautiful love ode...