SHE (6)

She pushed the heavy curtain in the entrance of that modest hut and took one little step outside. She was grateful that she was given that hut at the far end of that peaceful resort. Some faint sounds reached her ears from the other end of the resort. A happy smile beautifully lingered on her small mouth when she thought that everybody was in that BBQ. Now she can have her privacy.

She stepped out of the hut completely and headed for the sea. A delicious feeling tickled her bare feet when the cold sands playfully slipped among her toes. Hundreds of kisses were printed on her warm face by the laughing breeze. She closed her eyes and slightly raised her head to welcome the kisses. She always wondered why she closed her eyes whenever she was in a state of pure, ultimate pleasure. The answer was never bestowed on her. She didn't search much for it. The important thing is the state itself, "whys" don't matter.

She stopped a few meters away from the sea, next to a pair of strangely entwined palm trees. She looked around to make sure that there was nobody around. A beautiful, comforting human silence was music to her ears. She silently wondered why humans are always noisy! A long dark grey satin cloak fluttered around her slim body. She opened it as if opening a long fastened shell. The cloak slid gently on the soft curves of her body to lie peacefully at her feet. She wore a sleeveless pearl white silk dress that reached to her knees. A fluttering chiffon layer caressed her silk dress and gave her the feeling of a nightingale preparing to fly. She raised her hand to untie the ribbon that held her hair up in a long pony tail. Just one pull of the ribbon and lengthy, rich waves of coal-black hair rested for a second on her shoulders and back to set a bedazzling contrast to the white dress. Once it touched her earthly body, the strong breeze carried it in a journey behind her head.

The first step towards the sea was hard to take. She knew how powerful the sea was and how weak she was … how burdened and heavy-hearted. She knew that once she touched the salty water, she had to let go of her burdens. She has been carrying them for so long that they have become a part of her existence. How hard to let go of a part of our existence!

For a second, the breeze that pushed her hair back changed its direction and gently pushed her towards the sea. She sighed and lowered her head in an understanding gesture of the unspoken invitation of the mighty sea. The damp sand sent a shiver along her spine. Once she touched the first young wave that ran to welcome her tiny feet, her body went all stiff. She clang to her burdens with all her might, but could not fight the dazzling effect of the cold water. With every ebb and flow, she let go of a tiny piece of her load. Time disappeared, she didn't know for how long she had been standing there but when she started moving again her leg muscles ached. She raised her head towards the sky while taking short, slow steps towards the sea. It is a half moon. She prefers half moons to full moons. Full moons are daring and secret-disclosures. Half moons are tender and compassionate. Stars are secretive and discrete. They are her favorites.

The lulling movements of the waves made her feel sleepy. How vulnerable she feels! A sweet numb started creeping through her body demanding utter surrender of her will. Her feet refused to carry her any more. She fell on her knees and heard herself gasp for air when the cold water covered her warm chest. With a soft sway, she lifted herself from the seabed and stretched her exhausted body horizontally. For a few moments, she lied inside the water. She was blocked from the outside world around. She could hear no earthly noise, just some deep non-understandable voices … voices that called her, tempted her to remain below the surface. Her earthly body refused, and cut the sea surface to float in a soft sway.

The sky looked different; the half moon clearer and the stars multiplied. Beauty was too much to bear that her heart ached with swelled happiness. Her hair formed a swaying dark halo around her head. In her mind, she wished a mermaid would rise up from amongst the waves to take her down to the deepest spot of the sea in a swirling embrace.

Time slipped by. Her consciousness of time and place started slowly to return to her. She moved her bare arms swimming towards the shore. Her feet hit the ground and she stood up with water dripping from her hair and dress. She pushed the wet locks of hair away from her face. How sweet that salty taste felt on her lips! When she was completely out of the sea, she turned around to face it again. Her wet body started shivering when she cast one more earnest look towards it. She collected her dark cloak and hair ribbon. She felt very tempted to lie down and sleep on the sand. Soon enough people will return from the BBQ, she thought sadly. She reluctantly went back to her hut. Before closing the heavy curtains, she turned around and blew her most endearing sea a soft kiss.



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This is a good poem/story...Its not what I usualy read but I really liked it...Good job...