A Mermaid's Funeral

She lied motionless

Covered by stillness

No sound could be heard

But this faint flutter of this bird

A nightingale

The only living witness of this funeral tale

A half floating board of combined shells

Was ready to carry her tiny body to where she would eventually dwell

Small colored fish were restlessly hovering beneath this board

Making meaningless circles indicating how much she was adored

The waves were competing to bid her still body the last good-bye

Hopelessly trying to resurrect her, and death defy

The night was getting brighter because of the coming stars

That sent their tears to form around her light bars

A trembling half moon stood at the sky corner alone

Trying to silence her ascending cries and moan.

She was resting with no movement but this soft sway

Caused by the waves begging her to stay

Her eyes were closed, however one could them read

And see through her, see that need

For someone she kept wandering the seas for

Not knowing that she would find emptiness and nothing more

One could see these shining tears beneath her closed eyes

And hear her imprisoned cries

Behind this soft surrendering smile

That one could imagine it was moving for a while

Her long dark hair formed an aura around her

Helplessly moving with the board but a quiff that did refer

To that sea star resting upon her chest

Feeling happy coz it would upon her forever rest.

The board started moving carrying sea's mistress

Nothing could these desperate cries and agony calls suppress

The moon shone brighter trying to tempt her to get back to life

Waves were pulling and pushing the board in a bitter strife

Stars formed a huge M letter that brightened the night

But she was moving out of sight

Then the nightingale flew near her face

And kissed her fair forehead in grace

And shed a tear that fell upon her lips

To turn into a pearl that could tell scripts

Of a restless wandering heart

That would soon depart.

Not very far away, the board stopped

Unnoticed, inside her mouth the pearl dropped

She turned into millions of sliver blue rays

Penetrating that heavy sad haze

Touching every element that was there

Filling them with love and care

Drawing a smile in their souls

Filling their inner holes

Leaving them with the same happiness

And bless

That her presence used to bring

That made the nightingale sing

The stars and moon jest

And all was blessed.

Then it was time

To disappear in that non-existence sublime

Caressed with affection

She turned into a reflection

Of hopes and dreams

And love gleams.

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incredible i loved it simply loved it