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She was tidying her room when she heard a sound behind her back. She turned around to find her 2-year-old nephew approaching her with his yet unbalanced steps and stretched arms. Her eyes sparkled with a warm, welcoming smile and she held him up in her arms. Some fast music was being played at the background when she held him tight and started dancing with him with his heels dangling in the air. They swirled together in circles being wrapped by his hysteric, naughty laughter and her fast, lively movement. Then the song ended and she slowed her pace waiting for the following song. It started; an old song that reminded her of old days, of memories she tried to bury in fastened shells. She held him closer and leaned with her forehead upon his. He could not grasp this sudden change in her mood and in their movement, so he drew back to look at her face in wonder. She started singing in a low, sad voice: "Have you ever been in love?/ You could touch the moonlight/ When your heart is shooting stars / You're holding heaven in your arms / Have you ever been in love?". She didn't notice that two tears slipped unnoticed from her eyes but when she found him tracking them with his tiny finger. He looked with wonder to the traces of tears and the painful expression upon her face. He could not understand at this young age what pain meant. She held him even tighter and said a silent prayer that he would never know what it meant.



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This is sooo beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVED it!! It starts out soo happy...then it gets sad...yet hopeful at the end. You did a totally awesome job with it!!