She is dead! The metallic-golden fish with the black stripes... she's lying motionless at the bottom of my small aquarium ... with her flattened body and amazed open eyes. I searched with wet eyes for her mate and I found the black male with the golden stripes near the surface angrily fighting some bubbles that sprang from the water filter because they annoyed him with their abrupt, teasing movement. He obviously didn't know about his mate's death. I couldn't take the dead fish out. I don't know why! May be I was afraid that if I touched it I would turn as well into a dead fish at the bottom of a cold aquarium. With selfish, shivering steps, I hurried away from the hall.

    I came back after an hour and approached the aquarium with hesitant steps. Then I stopped with a horrified shriek ... and everything froze; time, tears and blood. He is dead too! And he chose the perfect spot to breathe his last breath. I looked with insanely blinking eyes to his still body, lying peacefully next to her, with his disbelieving open mouth on her flattened side. I knelt, crossed my fingers, and lowered my head before the most faithful, sincere love scene I've ever seen in my life! And I hoped I was a dead fish lying at the bottom of a cold aquarium next to my soul mate!

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tab3an ya dog you should know who i am; why would you ever want to be dead beside your soul mate when you can be alive beside him!!!! you are a werido ya bet