This too will Pass?!!!

“This too will pass.”

They said to me

A century ago.

I waited, and still am.

I look at that staring dark image in the mirror.

But I only see blood

That reminds me of the honey I once tasted,


That remind me of the beauty I once felt,


That reminds me of the heaven I once lived in,

Pain, tears, agony and suffering

That remind me of the love

That once wrapped me so close,

So tenderly and warmly away from the world.

But now

I have none to hold me

But my cold, trembling arms.

I have nothing to do

But to throw dust upon my merciless wound;

To hide it.

But it is still there,

Hungry for more blood to consume.

I break my mirror

And it falls to pieces before my eyes.

And I wonder: “Can I put it to one piece again?”

I hear no answer back

But that compassionate

“This too will pass”.

Will it?!!!

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