SHE (1)

She was there; standing in the ferry boat at night, with all the lights of the small warm houses of Istanbul reflected in her eyes. Those eyes where one can see places one has never been to or ever will. She let her tiny body sway with the dazzling movement of the ferry, enjoying the feeling of a baby being lulled by its mother in order to fall asleep. And in  fact she felt sleepy. She wished the ferry would never reach the other side of the land. But to move on and on till it would reach a small rock in the middle of the sea where she would be dropped and left there. And she would turn into a mermaid; playing all day with dolphins and singing all night her sad songs till she'd get tired and sleep.

    The sudden movement of the ferry hitting the land awakened her. She carried her bag and moved along with a picture of a wandering mermaid reflected in her huge brown eyes.

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