Upside Always Down I: Green Envy in Four Corners

Run-On Sentences

   And for future reference pure blasphemy over compensation which where whoever we wish to dry out in the sun set green tea blue moon boredom pachyderm blue-collar white-collar pinkerton green envy rotting bottom bore in wells and well as streams of rivers of oceans of thought mileage and splash bong blow well blell spell many things in absort pattern type lying down upsideways walk and spleen type clock elbow murder courtside view ocean splendor bliss break barrier bell helm steerage close door mold more clay moss mud in envy green blue orange pink spell backwards forwards upsideways down four corner star blind bat hover underover sideways diagonal upside always down pure blue moon crew team row row row backward binoculars in blue motion elbow tree bent at the wrist as clusure breaking point glass mountain paper skin as if on their tippie toes in objectile throwmotion projectile backtracking rewind fast forward faster than before spelling under cut the blow for jobs undetectable skill less satisfying as if on their tippie toes and mourning on sunrise funeral deathbed blown sky high scraper peel belt and surely skin moved on shift to the sideways always down diagonal forward backward as if slightly in between as if to burst explode implode impounding grief genital elbow calling oboe tetris spelling accumulating in general spellbound and ound down in clueless moon belt bleed green smellivision visual visage photography paint commununation amino as if on their tippie toes void skill spelling bee green ground in sound windown as if spelled incomplete and stirring g-force turtle blink spill green envy tippie toe tilt spilling overflown sensory on the brink of combustion and understandably bold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9/6/04 the womb from which many other poems emerged.

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