Three Way Tie

Run-On Sentences

   The brilliantly meditative & therapeutic action of writing run-on sentences helps to simplify your perceptions, to let go of the limitations of one moment to the next, because time is now, and space is here right now beneath the balls of your feet, as you kiss the floor, and your toes have touched the ceiling, and one friendly gesture is a courtesy slap, witty and out of bounds, out of play, out of left field, as ends meet full circle and seams are blurred clean and lost their crease, smoothing out the wrinkles of the fabrics overlapped & woven gracefully, astronomically, metaphorically, as applaudiences shiver on the dark, losing which way's up, how many paces further? X marks the spot and marks the occasion. As a vague center of gravity within myself tilts and stirs irritably two and fro, on and on, as free as freeform music on the loose, on the prowl, on the way just further down the line, djembe in loose, daudling harmony, bare nude loose ends restlessly spasming, clicking her heels in the air three way tie, as her pulse is free to dance away as time is supremely now, and space is here between your toes, lost and vulnerable, as music is the very pulse of God, set free, in motion, as we stare into infinity and wonder what's out there, spinning our wheels in perpetual conundrum, infinity does stare right back, and shout, "I'm not out there, I'm in here...." as we are all surely mirrors staring each other down...

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a closer look. 1/23/06

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