Alibi Tumbledry

Run-On Sentences

   Underdown in brambles dreaming and sleep-walking in waking state shooting off the gun at the starting line of the human race, spellbound cruisade. Antiarchal premium and medium moodiness. Art for all art's sake, shock factor hamstring in the dune elbow yellow. Mask upon mask fool's gold and silent miming. As far as green galapogos seems to so fluently solidify and aphrodesian dew melon in a 3D Emerald City. Tryptamine shimmy toe-tappenin' down the rabbit hole? But what about Through the Looking Glass? Maiden voyage that beyond words I anticipate? In deliminescent palindrome? Oh still and shudder spasming, Perpetual singularity. Ultimate, unanimous awareness, unity dragging sand to leave a trail neverending, out of bounds and out of play? A pin-striped onion with skin resembling thin wallpaper?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this 11/6 late at night, just sort of a flowing pattern of my thoughts and an ultra-deliberate juxtaposition of words dug from memories, keeping in mind constantly that poetry is the economy of words.

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