Not Quite Me


My, my. Isn't she a rose?

I do love

how you pick them out.

Always like the last.

This one's so close!

We share the same face-shape,

don't you think?

I bet she has my old music taste

and I'll bet she just loves pink.

The way her eyebrows arch.

So much like mine.

I'll bet she's a fan of art,

and loves your cheap wine.

She has my nose,

don't you think?

And in that picture,

it's how I'd have posed,

is it not?

I've never seen her smile

but if I did,

I bet she has my teeth.

Her lips are close enough

but, love. She's not quite me.

I'll bet she'll listen

when you moan

and calls you often

from her phone.

But, I bet you don't call her

half as much,

if not, at all.

I'll bet she'll get tired of you

I'll bet she'll get fucking bored.

I bet she'll cheat on you,

just like me.

Then you'll find another

just like her,

just like me.

Not quite her, though.

Not quite me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Speaks for itself, I guess.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

interesting piece, many feel as you do if boredom sets in it's time to move on, though I can understand the surface reasoning I think the person in question who appears to be boring should be confronted before that decision is made. Thanks for looking at and commenting on the stretchmarks piece too...