Mr. Perfect


Mr. Perfect, Mr. Right

you're all she's wanted

all her life.

You're him, you're the only one,

but with one mistake,

it's all undone.

It wasn't just some girly crush.

For six whole years,

you're all she's loved.

She's never lied

and she's always hoped

you'd be the one who wouldn't joke.

But guess what?

You're all the same.

And at first you hide

behind your given name;

Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right-

It doesn't matter much tonight.

You'll never understand,

though you think you will

you will not ever

feel the way she feels.

You won't feel the pain

you won't know the tears

your heart will not break

half as much, at least

not for a few years.

By then you will have realised

what tears you brought

to those pretty blue eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for an anonymous friend of mine, who at the moment was having troubles with her Mr. Right. I guess it is about how there is no such person as Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right, everyone makes mistakes.

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teresa_r's picture

I liked this poem sounds
like what i am going through to.