***Why Won't God Fix It?***

In your hours of desperation,

You find solace in my name.

But would you ask for direction,

If everyday was the same?

Would you know what faith was,

My miracles or guidance?

If I can't show you what it does,

Wouldn't you think life's about chance?

How would you know right from wrong,

If you are not confronted with both?

My child, laid out paths are easy to forlong,

If you've never endured this truth.

How would you use free will,

If all was offered to you?

All alone I'd be on this clouded hill,

You'd forget I need love and support too.

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Danniel Lennax's picture

Again,I like this one,too.

Love with The Lord is not just one way...or fifty-fifty.
It is reciprocal,and it must be 100% from both sides.

Another well writen piece.


exthias1983's picture

This poem is very beautifully written. The words you used in it can only be described with one word...wise. It seems to me that more people (myself included sometimes) need to step back and remember that Jesus wants our love too. I think we as humans tend to forget that sometimes...thanks for the reminder.

Victoria Pacho's picture

this poem is beautiful! It's like you're looking at the situation throught Gods eyes

Daechia Zenner's picture

I love this poem . It's great your looking from like a different perspective .

Dino Nuhija's picture

This is one of those poems where I would take a certain part of it an use it as a quote, kind of like your first stanza, which sounds amazing, and it will sound good as a quote.