There was a wall,

Right there standing,

So conceited yet it was not that able after all,

To prevent my eyes from seeing my angelic darling.


At times thought I of scaling it over,

Decided against it,

Few seconds later,

Yet relieved I was since we could like a nippy flash meet.


How can I rub out those golden memories,

From my existence consequently?

Any eraser is on hand in this,

Floating ball of ours hardly.


Indivisible you and the wall are,

Even if it’s physically dead,

You are not, yet so far,

As the hardest wall between you and me is erected.


This wall can easily be formed in a factual sense,

But not that trouble-free,

To evaporate within seconds as in magic happens,

Perhaps it’s life’s cruel game for us, perhaps it’s destiny!

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bishu's picture

Wondrous thoughts delightfully penned my good friend

Truly loved this my friend !! Looking forward to a whopping ,sparkling 300 .. a memorable one.....



KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much. You are ever inspiring.