A Beautiful Heart

Heart everyone has one,

But yours one is compared to none,

Its beauty touches all,

Anyone can hardly avoid its call.


Why doesn’t everyone own such a heart?

Sounds silly since the nature’s law worships part,

I’m proud to have fallen in love,

With you my literal dove.


You are so kindhearted, so generous,

Affecting all those who die to steal some moments of yours,

You are Jewel of Lord Jim, supporting me forever,

Besides I can discover a Portia in you being my well-wisher.          


You are what Bob Marley said, my “one love, one heart, one destiny”,

Having faith in Tennyson, so have I decided wisely,

To “have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”,  

No matter whether hell simply stares at me or chooses to fall.  


May your heart remain as it is evermore,

Let it not be impure,

May the sea and the sky dwell in peace in your heart’s heart,

Possibly Shakespeare would use your name forgetting Rosalind’s part!


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The last lines

 Possibly, Shakespeare would use your name forgetting Rosalind’s part!

How apt

Really like this poem I stuck with it and it was rewarding 



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Thank you

Thank you so very much.