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“The atheists ask- “If God has created everything, then who has created God?” I politely tell them- the question is illogical and much unscientific because there is no creator of God! Let me explain- for example, if the atheists tell that ‘Z’ has created God, then another question appears- “Who has created ‘Z’?” Then, the atheists may answer ‘Y’. Later, a question will arise- “Who has created ‘Y’?” There will be such infinite illogical questions! So, it is proved that there is no creator of God!”        


- Md. Ziaul Haque

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God is creator God once

God is creator God once existed always existed is not in time. The creation is of th creator and is different but can not be separated from being created by. Creation is creator and creator is creation one has a will the other is the will. The promise the logos the word the will the vow the spoken the heard the thought the has been and will be. All these meanings in that one word logos in the beginning. I love your argument! I very much enjoyed thinking about iT! Blessingss 

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Thank you!

Thanks a lot :) 

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If God is omniscient,

If God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, then how could there be another all that created all? To me, all is mystery.

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