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“I think the age-old mystery behind the real identity of ‘Godot’ in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot is finally solved! Here, Godot does not mean ‘God’. Obviously, we find the answer in the question that Estragon asks Vladimir: “Do you think God sees me?” If Estragon considered ‘Godot’ as God, then he would certainly ask: “Do you think Godot sees me?” Here, it is quite clear that Estragon does not consider ‘God’ and ‘Godot’ as the same!”

- King of Words

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nothing to be done

they mention god more than that in the play. I dont think you should look for continuity flaws in Godot tho.

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Well, I have tried to present my logic to those who consider 'Godot' as 'God' in "Waiting for Godot"! :)