Go and be a STAR!

Unrhymed Poetenry

One of the best you are!

The best of the best you can be,

All you need is dream, patience, dedication,

And work with the touch of intelligence!



Once your inner ocean holds,

All the wonders stated above,

Indomitable you will be,

Like the lightning in the sky!


The future is calling you,


Go and be a STAR!


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Anyone can be a star if they

Anyone can be a star if they choose to be. 


~off topic: I was reading your profile and was reading where you made up your own words... There's already a word that exists for someone who's introverted and extroverted at the same time,  that word is Ambivert.  It appears according to your profile that you've done a lot.  I'm curious,  have you acted in any movies that played in America? 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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Thank you!

Dear friend, 'inextrovert' is my creation; yes, the meaning may be similar with 'ambivert'. I used to act in theatres during my childhood. Besides, I also acted in several stage-dramas in Sylhet. Recently I acted in a Tv-serial. Thank you so much! :)