To Rambha

Oh Rambha! The Queen of the apsarases thus!

You have no right to be so dashingly gorgeous!

Vishwamitra was not seduced by your beauty,

But I could not resist myself certainly!


I felt so sorry when violated you were by Ravana,

Yet the due chastisement he got from Brahma!

Ever chaste you are according to me,

 Ever young, ever beset with beauty!


I wish the mortal girls could have your loveliness!


I know that you are breathing now in happiness!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rambha is an apsara or nymph in Hindu mythology. 

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AndrewProut's picture

I like it

I don't know much about Hindu mythology but I like it.  Do you think that a great scholar like you could possibly take a few minutes to read and review some of my work?  I would be honored if you would.

KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much for the comment dear AndrewProut. It is your generosity to call me a 'great scholar'. Certainly, I would review your work soon. 

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Concerning being published

Have you really been published?  Who published you?

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Olympia Publishers

Olympia Publishers. 

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Well when you get around to reading some of my stuff let me know if you think they would publish me, too.  Try reading the poems, "Orphins," and, "Melencholy Breeze," for starters.  I think that's my best work, along with, "Letter to Jennifer."  Chat soon!

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I like it so much especially the way you have dealt with the parts where Kafka, Sartre and Hamlet appear. 

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Thank you

Thanks a ton for reading and reviewing one of my poems.  Your opinion means a lot to me.  Do you think I'm good enough to be published by the people who published you?  It's always been my dream to be a published author.

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Why not? You write good poetry and you should give it a go! 

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Thanks.  Now I'm excited.  Your opinion means a lot to me.  Do you have any idea how I can contact the company that published you in England?  Do you have their email address?  How does that work?  How did you get discovered?