1. ItIt’s just another day,
Another normal day in school,
we read, played and then slept,
Hoping to wake up another day.


But it wasn’t just another night,
Our sleep was seized,
Our dreams stopped,
Our hope cut,
Our silence broken.


Horrifying figures we see,
Violently pushing into our side,
We freeze, faint, in shock,
Gunmen are on the rampage.
Gunmen chanting and singing.

Bullets fly in that commotion,
Bunks falling in every direction,
Boys running without protection,
Blood flowing, with no attention.


We run but we die
Bullets hitting us front and back,
Not for any crime we’ve committed,
But because we chose to be educated.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when terrorist invaded a college and killed the students in their hostels, in Northern Nigeria.

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