Eyes shut, eyes open

How many times more will I be wondering?

Drooping off, again awaken

Waiting for that moment when I’ll be sleeping

Counting sheep, restless thinking

Losing my every night to this constant battle

Trying hard, never ending

Anticipating on going to that far off castle

Mind hurts, heart numb

Finally, my mentality has been struck by madness

Music on, feeling dumb

Laying stiff and motionless, looking deep into nothingness

Passing hours, minutes fly

I’m still here asking why?

Morning comes, sun shining

Now its time to stop complaining

Eyes heavy, body weary

Slowly now I’m becoming sleepy

Peaceful bliss, can’t resist

Take me to my dream world mist

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what I go through every night

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iAmWaves's picture

This stole the words right

This stole the words right out of my mouth.
I can relate. I suffer from insomnia every night.
If you can read mine 'The Darkness' and leave feedback, I'd really appreciate it. :]

soulless's picture

good capture of imsomnia, well done