A Prayer Of A Broken Man

For this is my plead

Now I’m bound to bleed

More than my own request

Deliver me from this test

God rescue me from me

Been blind, I didn’t see

And you I have ignored

Swam far away from shore

Faith has left me now

I have lost myself somehow

Fast pace life I lived

Led me not to believe

All that you have given

Suddenly I have now forgotten

How could I be save?

Out of this dark cave

Oh lord help me please!

Make me feel at ease

All I need is you

I realized now the truth

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when I was in my all time low, I doubted the existence of God, which was my biggest mistake!

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jgupta's picture

You have written a beautiful proof of your faith. It is normal to feel His silence sometimes and get annoyed, however later realize that He helps in His silent way. Enjoyed your poem greatly.