The Foreigner

My day begins when yours end

How can I presume will meet again

Total opposite is what we are

You’re so near, when I am far

Living in this island I’ve come to know

I cannot leave without letting go

The hurt is too much it’s unbearable

Even the sky becomes intolerable

But the decision is now at hand

Follow my heart to betray my land

Though the pain will linger I must move on

Never again to call this home

I have given up all I had

You alone can fill that gap

Welcome me to the other side

Promise me you will hold the tide

Once was different, now the same

Being with you had made me sane

The turmoil in my head had long been gone

You’ve given me a home in a foreign ground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I used to imagine what it was like to fall in love with a foreigner, that's before I met my girl friend of course:)

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