A Bird�s Tale

I used to fly freely;

I gulp the air daily,

Riding the wave of clouds,

While my heart beats aloud.

My home is very green,

Rivers run clear and clean,

Fruits and veggies are pure,

Every sickness has a cure.

The sun is very welcoming,

The rain is always granting,

Only love sweeps the earth,

Like a mother giving birth.

But a new life came;

Protecting us was his aim,

Yet in time he forgot,

Soon greed took a shot.

Now smog is my sky,

Its an avenue to die,

The sun will burn you,

The rain can kill, too.

Shortly trees begun to fall,

Blazing fire eats us all,

My home became a desert,

Nothing to see but dirt.

Will time heal my wounds?

Will man nurse the grounds?

Can I fly again someday?

Will man change his way?

The rainbow is always there,

Waiting for those who care,

Hidden behind the thick smoke,

Never giving up our hope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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