Money: The start of an end

At the top of a mountain, today known as the Kilimanjaro, the assembly of celestial animals held their yearly reunion. They were talking about the advances of humanity. “Oh, how has our world developed! I’m amazed.”,said Owl. “Yeah...ama-a-a-azing.” repeated the group of sheep, unamused. “It’s not been quite as amazing as you think. Humans are starting to become evil towards each other. Ever since they discovered the power of trading, they have started scamming each other, asking too much for something that is not worth that much, or tricking someone on giving away their precious goods.”, said the worried Rabbit. While the assembly talked about the worrisome issue and its possible solutions, Crow was getting distracted by a precious metal he had found on his way to the reunion. With a sudden movement, the Crow accidentally dropped the precious metal from his claws. The metal fell from the mountain and shattered in pieces.

“What have you done! We may not interrupt the process of human development with any object!”, said the rabbit. “Ahh, don’t you worry. It’s just a metal stone I found.”, said Crow in a lax manner, “what can they possibly do with it?”


Some shards of the brilliant metal happened to fall at the worst possible place: A human market. A lot of humans looked at the giant stone in terror, one of them tried to grab a piece of it, but it was in vain, the rock was too strong. The richest man on the market shouted at the crowd around the stone: “Six pieces of fish and two pieces of coal to whomever brings me a piece of that rock!” He did not know if the rock was worth that much, but he was eager to satisfy his own curiosity. The rest of the humans tried everything to get a shard of the rock and claim their reward. They tried with stones, they tried with sticks, they tried with their bare hands, one man even tried to get a shard by smashing his head on the rock, but it was all in vain, the rock would not break.


Nothing worked for some hours, until a group of miners shattered it to pieces. Everyone around the place tried to get a piece. Some did, some didn’t. Word of these metals spread all over the world. People became obsessed with these, until something awful happened: they found more. With the discovery of a variety of deposits, these metals became a fundamental part on the market. The metals became coins and with the creation of coins, money was implemented. People became even more avaricious than before, scammed each other in new ways, such as fake metal money, in order to get more and started damaging each other in order to steal these metals to the point of murder.

Only the “strong” succeeded, thus, the world was filled with filthy people who could not trust each other. Humanity as it was once known was only a memory of what once was a good civilization. This went on and on, until finally, humanity ended.

“Oh! What have you done!”, said the bereaved rabbit.

Words: 525

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