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The Halves of a Whole

The Halves of a Whole

A fable about two brothers destined to restore the world’s balance

Two billion years ago, after the Sun was created two majestic creatures were born…

Yang the White Tiger and Yin the Black Tiger.

Yin had black fur, black stripes, unusual; penetrating dark brown eyes, teeth as white as snow, enormous fangs, even bigger claws and a heavy but muscular body complexity. Yang on the other hand had white fur, no stripes, only a perfect layer of soft silky white hair, an almost angelic white color; the elders say that you could almost see a halo on top of its head at times.

These were the two children of The Creator, an Ominous entity that sent his children to Earth to test their will, strength and to see if his children were able to build a civilization out of nothing.

However Yin and Yang took it upon themselves to roam around and discover the new landscapes that Earth had to offer, so they travelled for years and years; exploring and hunting… Until The Creator decided that he needed to speed things up, so he sent their female counterparts to Earth, so they could fall in love and have children

So Yin and Yang decided to divide the Earth in two parts, each would have their own half to build their family and live out their lives.

And so Yin took the East side of the world and Yang took the West side, for no particular reason, even though they were unhappy when they separated since they had spent basically their whole lives together, they knew it was for the best.

A billion years later, Yin and Yang had long lost their physical form, their bodies were no longer on Earth but their souls were, and both Yin and Yang would have at all times a different body that would be used as a vessel, this vessel would represent the true feelings of Yin and Yang.

However after another couple of thousand years later, because of human exploration, the vessels of Yin and Yang came in contact after more than 1 billion years of not seeing each other.

At first they did not recognize their life-like form, but they both had a very strange feeling within their gut. Yet still proceeded to treat each other like strangers, the strength that both had within their vessel had always been dormant, until this day. All they could sense was that each other’s presence was very heavy and strong. After a moment of silence, Yang’s vessel said to Yin; ‘brother is it you?’ In a mysterious dialect, and all Yin could hear was growling, which only made him angrier and more suspicious.


Yin responded ‘who are you?’ but unfortunately for both of them, all Yang could hear was growling as well…

This small spark of aggressiveness triggered both of their animal-like spirits and led them to fight; pouncing each other, using their claws, vicious fangs, etc… This fight not only led to the destruction of a very big portion of the Earth, but also of their Earth vessels.

Once the souls of Yin and Yang came out of the vessels, they looked around and saw nothing but destruction.

And as they looked at each other in their spirit-like forms and realized that they were brothers, they ran to each other and hugged; and this was were the union between Yin and Yang happened, when balance was restored.








Mario Ramirez


Sofia Galvan Chapa

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Money: The start of an end

At the top of a mountain, today known as the Kilimanjaro, the assembly of celestial animals held their yearly reunion. They were talking about the advances of humanity. “Oh, how has our world developed! I’m amazed.”,said Owl. “Yeah...ama-a-a-azing.” repeated the group of sheep, unamused. “It’s not been quite as amazing as you think. Humans are starting to become evil towards each other. Ever since they discovered the power of trading, they have started scamming each other, asking too much for something that is not worth that much, or tricking someone on giving away their precious goods.”, said the worried Rabbit. While the assembly talked about the worrisome issue and its possible solutions, Crow was getting distracted by a precious metal he had found on his way to the reunion. With a sudden movement, the Crow accidentally dropped the precious metal from his claws. The metal fell from the mountain and shattered in pieces.

“What have you done! We may not interrupt the process of human development with any object!”, said the rabbit. “Ahh, don’t you worry. It’s just a metal stone I found.”, said Crow in a lax manner, “what can they possibly do with it?”


Some shards of the brilliant metal happened to fall at the worst possible place: A human market. A lot of humans looked at the giant stone in terror, one of them tried to grab a piece of it, but it was in vain, the rock was too strong. The richest man on the market shouted at the crowd around the stone: “Six pieces of fish and two pieces of coal to whomever brings me a piece of that rock!” He did not know if the rock was worth that much, but he was eager to satisfy his own curiosity. The rest of the humans tried everything to get a shard of the rock and claim their reward. They tried with stones, they tried with sticks, they tried with their bare hands, one man even tried to get a shard by smashing his head on the rock, but it was all in vain, the rock would not break.


Nothing worked for some hours, until a group of miners shattered it to pieces. Everyone around the place tried to get a piece. Some did, some didn’t. Word of these metals spread all over the world. People became obsessed with these, until something awful happened: they found more. With the discovery of a variety of deposits, these metals became a fundamental part on the market. The metals became coins and with the creation of coins, money was implemented. People became even more avaricious than before, scammed each other in new ways, such as fake metal money, in order to get more and started damaging each other in order to steal these metals to the point of murder.

Only the “strong” succeeded, thus, the world was filled with filthy people who could not trust each other. Humanity as it was once known was only a memory of what once was a good civilization. This went on and on, until finally, humanity ended.

“Oh! What have you done!”, said the bereaved rabbit.

Words: 525

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Penguins vs. Bears

Penguins vs. Bears

Everybody knows that the polar ice caps are melting. However just a few know the real reason why those huge mountains of ice are becoming smaller every day.

Polar bears and penguins used to live in the north pole. Between them existed a terrible enmity. The penguins conjectured that their community was more prosper because of their ability of catching fish under the sea. The bears knew that the penguins were right and couldn't stop their jealousy. Bears could not accept that the penguins had more fishes than them. One-day Carlos, a young bear, went to fish far away of the limits of his Clan. What Carlos wanted was to find a place without penguins where the bears could rule the sea and have all the fishes they wanted.

Carlos had a huge surprise when he discovered that the floor beneath his paws was not ice, it was earth. He hasn’t seen a thing like that. Carlos ventured into this knew place without ice, nor cold weather nor penguins. After walking for a while the flor changed becoming black skinned with white stripes. “Maybe it is ice.” Thought Carlos.

The young bear decided to follow the stripes. They guided Carlos to a huge gathering of human beings, creatures that Carlos have never seen. One of the dogs that was with the human beings, saw Carlos and ran to him.

“What are you doing here? It is obvious that you are not from around here.” Said the dog.

“No, I am from the ice, north from here.”

Carlos looked to the gathering and saw a mysterious light, full of vivid red, yellow and orange colors.

“This is fire, dear foreign. Thanks to the to the human beings, they excelled the other species y have reached the intellectual perfection in all the disciplines.”


In that moment Carlos knew that if he could take the fire to his home, the situation with the penguins would change forever. In his little head, he imagined a place where the penguins serve the bears as the dogs serve humans. The dog brought the fire to Carlos, and he run back to his home. Arriving home, still with the fire on, Carlos explained to his family his idea and he talked about humans and how they have reached a superior intellect. The avarice of the bears did that no one of them hesitate to implement the fire in the north pole. The fire that Carlos had, was dying but it only took a spark to lit a tree. That’s is how their avarice started to melt their home, Everyone was starting to drown and houses were starting to flood. The world with years became a huge ocean, no land, just sea. And that is how the bears created the one, big, sea.

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A new life

A new life

It was Day 1, since the disappearance of the human race on planet Earth and everyone in the animal kingdom was very confused. No one knew what to think or do since all humans had taken down most of the trees and plants, there was not much food resources left for the animals. Everyone was still hiding in their safe places since the moment humans started to vanish, until the wise owls decided to speak up and organize all the animals along the area in meetings to discuss how everyone should proceed. The owls knew that with no humans around, the machines they built and basically almost every human-made technology would start to bring problems to the animals so it was decided by the majority that since now it would be prohibited for any animal to be near any human city or small town, so they had to work with the little vegetation that was left in the forests.

Although almost everyone agreed, the owls knew there was still a problem to be solved; summer was coming and after many years of human activity there was less space for animals to live peacefully without big animals eating smaller ones so it was accorded to recollect whatever they found however they could, bees would pollinize in order to make honey for everyone, beavers would recollect wood to make small fires and keep everyone warm, birds would look for vast places with fruits and vegetables to get bigger animals to bring them back to the communities the owls were forming and so on, each animal was trying to help however they could. But they all had a little problem, the bears didn’t agree to eat fruits and vegetables for the rest of their lives so the owls banished them from the community and the bears were now a danger for everyone.

The bears were forced to look for food in human cities and towns. But eventually they ran out of supplies and the only option they had was to steal from the rest of the animals. Lions, tigers, bulls, rhinos and other big animals defended the communities and the bears couldn’t get any food. The bears were so hungry that they were desperate for anything they could get, so they changed their plan and instead of stealing food they started to attack the beehives.

No animal noticed this and they all thought the bears had given up but they were more organized than ever. The bears survived from the honey they stole for a couple of days but when they were finished with all the bees and their beehives the owls noticed and knew it was too late.

-You fools! –shouted an owl.

-You have damned us all! –added another owl.

-Now that there are no bees to pollinize flowers and plants, our only food left will start to perish. –explained an ancient owl.

-It is a matter of days until we all run out of food to survive – a hopeless deer lastly said.



The moral of the story is that team work is very important, if we are selfish and don’t support each other, it’s bad for everyone including ourselves. 

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Where Is The Food? A Tale of a Deer and a Bear

Ursula Alejandro


Ricardo Lazo

It had been a hard season, the food was scarce and it seemed that it wouldn’t be enough for the whole community of Fimtopia. The birds, the squirrels, the bunnies, the deer, the foxes, and the bear of Fimtopia hadn’t ate for days. The fruits and plants that kept all the animals alive were disappearing. The harmony that ruled Fimtopia was fading away. The hunger was driving the bear mad, he soon started to feel an appetite for the other animals; a feeling that he hadn’t experienced in his whole life. One evening, the leader of the community, a deer filled with wisdom, summon the other animals to a food crisis meeting.

“Welcome fellow friends” said the deer.

“What is happening? where’s the food?” said the frightened Bunny.

“Like you all have noticed, we are running low in food”

“I have flown through the whole kingdom and there is no sign of food, not even a sad berry” said the scarlet bird.

“We have a little food left, we can manage the food but it would not last more than a week” the deer told the community.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so hungry I could eat the whole place” the bear exclaimed. Everyone looked at the bear with a shocked face. “Of course I’m joking, you’re so cute I wouldn’t eat you”

“Okay… moving on, I propose we should organize ourselves, so we can all eat for the next days till we find a solution.”, and with this the dear finished the assembly.

Some days later the bear was walking through the woods when he ran into the deer. The deer asked the bear to join them for a search for food, but the bear declined his offer; he was too lazy to help.

After the deer left, the bear laid down and yelled to woods “I’m so hungry, I want some food”. Suddenly a squirrel ran next to him.

“I have some food” the squirrel told the bear.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, I can give you a piece”

“Look at you, so kind and helpful by giving me some food”

“Well, you know, we have to help each other as the deer said”

“That’s right, come closer I’m too lazy to go”

With an sudden movement, the bear attacked and ate the squirrel.

“So tasty, finally I found food” The bear started to devour the other animals, until he encountered the deer.

“Have you seen the other ones?” said the deer.

“No, why are you asking?” asked the bear.

“ I can’t find them, and I need to tell them that there is no food left anymore.”

“Really? That’s funny because I just found some food”

“Seriously? That’s sounds great, where is it?” the deer asked with a hopeful voice.

“Well, I’m looking at it and it seems really tasty”

“Where? I can’t see it”

“It’s right here and it smells good”

“What is it?”

“You” said the bear sinisterly and attacked.

The bear satisfied his hunger that night, and the next ones. Until he became the last animal in the kingdom of Fimtopia. He realized that he should have listened to the deer and worked together with the rest of the animals to find food.


“What should I eat now?” said the bear.

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