Promises I Can Keep

Once again I left you and realized I was wrong

I know it hurts you either way,

I did the worst by leaving you,

And it isn't any matter for how long.

Knowing I cannot take back

The damage that I've done,

I only hope I can take the future

Into my hands

And let your love again be won.

I will love you forever

If that's all I can do

As long as I remember

The joy I've found in you.

Perhaps the only promise

That I can ever keep

Is the one I make when I tell you

How my love is strong and deep,

And it knows know end

As long as there is time

On this earth or in heaven,

I pray I'll be thine.

Circumstances do, and they probably will,

In the future tear us apart,

But I'll be back to repair

With the utmost of care

All of you if you give me your heart.

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