Untitled -- 12.27.2005

I want to touch you, taste you,

I'll never leave you, waste you,

My beautiful girl

I love you so much

All I need is your love and your touch

And my life is divine

Now that I can call you mine.

I want to ravish you, ride you

Be led on by you, then guide you

Through a charade of heaven above

That is what I get when you give me your love.

There is a rhythm to the language we speak with each kiss,

There is harmony in our movements,

In our embrace is perfect bliss.

Overpower my senses and subdue my control

We shall exchange power and passion,

Each other's praises we shall extol.

I love you and need you like the wind needs the air

For my love to spring forth

It is a prerequisite for you to be there.

I used to love so freely with my body and my heart

Now I have you to thank for this immaculate start

To a life purely devoted to one whom I adore

A life unprecedented by the mistakes I made before.

Your forgiveness and compassion have healed all my hurts

And you've taught me true love is in what it exerts.

Baby, come to me, be with me, stay with me, flee with me

I can't wait until I have you in my bed.

You are the woman I most surely shall wed

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genevieve's picture

i love you too, darling