Sun and Moon Together

Without you here beside me

Without you in my arms

I only want to flee this place

The fire in me has set off a thousand alarms

I need you and I’ll admit it willingly

You turned my life around

And now that I can’t see your face

I cannot hear a sound.

My senses are still enthralled by you

I get enchanted every time you appear

However momentary, it’s enough to see

That you too would rather not be here.

Then there’s nothing I can do for you

Except stay in time with you, my metronome unaware

Of anything I say and what it means

You don’t even care.

But I can’t blame you, after all it comes from me

And what good comes forthwith

Is up to you to tell me what that may be

Because tonight I’m letting go,

Tonight I’m moving on

From everything that holds me back from you

My eyes will see a new dawn.

And you will be the morning sun

And I will be the moon

And you will taunt me just for fun

Because I never see you since I set so soon,

You never see me because you are high noon

And then I rest and dream of you

And then I dream of my wish come true

That the sun and moon together can be

The sun and moon forever shall see

The light of dawn and the shadow of the eve

Though neither can come until one

Celestial body chooses to leave.

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