All I See is Red

I've spoken of you in love,

I've spoken of you in faith,

I've said my mem'ries of you would not fade,

I've also seen you walk away,

A treacherous wraith

I've spoken of you in sadness-

My heart heavy with the loss of you,

Which leads me to believe

What would best in my condition be made

Is a riddle within which love's truth I shall imbue.

The one vessel that once

Its treasure is pitched to sea

Grows heavier still than that time when

It had stowed its highest quantity

Is the very organ that, in me, beats so true,

And will never stop,

Lest I lose another chance set free with you.

So, now I address you with utmost urgency and care.

Perhaps with a tone of anger,

I can have you better to ensnare,

Because now I feel more than ever before

That weight on my shoulders of the whole world

                             And more;

Because that is what you meant to me,

And that is how you became all I see.

All I see is red,

The color of your blood,

So dark it's almost black,

Raining torrents create a flood.

Remove from this world all of what I once knew,

With the tears of heaven

I shed for miles down

Over an earth that's ruled by you.

All I see is scarlet trails,

Bright shining streaks of fire,

And all I see is ruby running

Out-pouring from the floodgates of my ire.

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