The Excavation and Evacuation of You

I see in you a story yet untold

Wherein I may find my name again

At some point in time.

I see in you a lover to have and to hold

Who I pray every day could be mine.

If doubt be what is borne into this-

A muse lacking matter to mold

Then I'd still prefer my dreams unformed

Than a mountain of shining fool's gold.

It has been a whole year

Since that spring day when we first met,

Though each day passing by

Seemed like one more revolution

Of the earth in the sky

Since the time your path first

Crossed the way mine went.

Who were you then?

Much different, I suppose;

So may were your charms-

What became of those?

So elusive was your love

It sifted like sand through

My fingers curled tight,

I was merely an hourglass through which

Ran the grains of what once felt right.

I wanted you to fill me up,

Feel your life within me

As it bubbled and brimmed over

After being long confined

From the world to see.

And we were just comrades in arms

Against days that had passed

When worse times still haunted

The catacombs I held in me fast.

You were my breath of fresh air;

I know not what I was to you

All I can say and be sure of

Is that you said you loved me, too.

But those were just words

To show nothing nor prove

What you still kept inside you,

What time's surgeon could not remove,

And if I were to ask where you were today,

I doubt you'd even know

Whether the sky there was clear or grey.

Your eyes are averted

And your soul know's new land-

A territory unknown on which

Your dreams can expand,

And that's all I'll wish,

And that's all I'll pray,

That you find on your journey

Room to grow your wings

And fly away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I thought I loved him.  I guess I wanted him to have what he wanted most, which he didn't know, and I sought to give him what he needed most and that was his freedom.

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