Is it so obvious, the way I feel?

If my thoughts are clear to you

Does that then verify they are real?

Perhaps the truth is still in progress,

And then the old rules still apply

Don't you dare claim you ever knew me

Until you have seen me cry.

There's an echo in me somewhere,

The place wherein my soul once would reside,

A reverberation of the words we never said

But were not cautious enough to hide.

So there they drift and shudder

With each inward breath I take

Because of this I sometimes wish

That I'll exhale one last time

And hovering over a primordial sea,

Find myself at last to be awake.

My newborn breath will then stir the surface,

Ruffling the water into waves

That will not crest over but ripple onward,

Disguising but not stirring the submerged graves.

It was from this scene, I like to fathom,

A world being molded anew.

From the flood and those midnight waters

Rose a ghostland bathed in salty dew.

Who would have known the world was made

From a sea of tears

When a lonely god cried over someone like you

Knowing redemption had been waylaid.

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