While free

I don't know why I miss you

Now that it's been a year;

We've both had time aplenty

To sojourn that trail of endless tears.

All memory of me to you is forgotten

I'm simply someone whom you met,

And with whom you convalesced for a little while,

Just enough to get your nomadic feet a little wet.

Now I'm not the same to you,

Though there stands no one in my place.

If only I understood what shortly transpired

To leave our footsteps all but erased.

I hate this rambling verse

Falling deftly in same meter

And how all I speak are questions,

Omitting the most important one,

"How did you meet her?"

Assuming there is another her,

Well how doth she then compare

To what you had before,

And was she even more rare?

I don't know why I miss you

You were never enough for me,

But until we each find someone better,

What shall two malcontents do

While they are free?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Knowing the answer to the most important question- that which concerns the beginnining of something, the origin- is vital for developing any sense of what happens in the future.

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