My mind is clear

and hope prevails

This stack of books

Is the ransom for my life

And I am here

Whatever that entails

Though from how it looks

This is but a pause in

Ceaseless strife.

Oh blessed wind!

Make me anew.

Oh sacred sun!

The whole sky spans your range

And the day is at your beck and call-

Terminated by night,

Revived by morning dew.

Oh waxing moon!

Next week a tumescent orb;

As a crystal ball I gaze into you.

Hasten not the chill of night

Nor glow of gilded dawn

By the star most bright.

Suspend in time,

At least for now,

The expectant myst'ry

That Tomorrow will endow,

And reveal to me

What I need to know

And that which will foster

My courage to grow.

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