I met you and left you

With so much unsaid

Your image of ambiguity

Will flee not from my head

I gave you my name

And you declined yours

But your elusive mystique

Left open a thousand doors

And light flooded in

As it always prevails

While I flipped for heads

And you flipped for tails

You had a chance to begin anew

I had a chance just to begin

Seeking an end to the story of her and you

And an opportunity with you for mine to begin

These feelings, these notions

How ill-wrought and prematurely conceived

When I hadn't yet learned these devotions

Would later in dreams alone be believed.

These feelings, these fantasies

Had not yet my consciousness crossed

Before glimpsing my own soul in thine

So brittle and broken, so close to being lost

and your inpenetrable mystery-

Its discovery I'd seek at any cost.

Alone I now feel with no regard for time

Naught but its ticking away

Each moment falling further from sublime

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I added to this recently, so it's a mixture of old and new sentiment.

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