The Moon is Forever

I cannot help but gaze into the moon,

And I instantly lose myself unto Her.

She claims my spirit and joins mine to her own.

We dance her eventide course

Hearts beating, ebb and flow of moon-led tide,

Pulsating with the sacred feminine spirit.

Her visage is a silver orb

Glowing with radiance

From within a lofty throne of clouds.

Her veil is the elusive haze of mist.

I reach for Her gown of silken oblivion

Floating down on a phantom breeze.

My hand grasps Her skirts

She pulls me up in the

Mystical dance.

The stars are the glimmering jewels

From her bespangled cloak of darkness.

The velvet cloak obscures the Heavens

And wraps closely around the Earth,

An intimate embrace,

An immanent reclaiming of

Mysteries once forgotten.

How can I forget Her splendour?

How can I not long for Her with ardor?

The breeze may ruffle Her filmy veils

Across Her shining face,

But I will still know that She is there.

Always and forever,

For all eternity

Never to leave my consciousness.

Her phases come and go,

Though ever is She present.

Will I ever lose sight of Her luminous grace?

No, I have remembered Her!

She was always there.

It was only time until

I was left with no choice

But to remember

And to hold on to Her


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writing this was such an experience!

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