Happily Ever After (Disney-fied version)

Many a tale you were told when young.

Most likely, you’ve heard them in books, in movies, on stage or sung.

But in verse are the undertones of these tales best expressed.

So listen as their themes to you are addressed.

Cinderella had faith in her fairy god-mother’s magic.

She met Prince Charming at the ball,

Which, for her envious step-sisters, was tragic.

Cinderella possessed invincible charm.

On feet clad in glass slippers

She strolls with the prince, Linked arm in arm.

At midnight the spell was broken.

One slipper was left behind;

The reason for her departure unspoken.

But by that slipper was she found.

Then was the cue for the wedding bells to sound.

Snow White was practical.

She knew how to keep house.

She befriended some dwarves

Her house-keeping skills to them she would espouse.

In return for her help,

Snow White was kept safe from a vain queen behind their doors.

After having bitten a poison apple from the queen,

Snow White was rescued by a steadfast prince

After a long slumber serene.

Aurora was a dreamer,

Hidden from her royal life.

Her family feared the curse of a malevolent fairy.

Yet she fell in love with a prince

Who, through much toil and strife,

He awakened her from her enchanted sleep with a kiss.

Belle was not your typical girl-next-door.

She loved to read of far off places;

She thought her town a bore.

She boldly dealt with a narcissistic gent,

Only to later take her father’s place in the castle

Of a beast with no relent.

Belle and the beast soon grew fond of each other,

But Belle’s arrogant admirer attempted to kill the beast.

The beast fought Gaston bravely

With Belle’s love to pull him through, to say the least.

Then the spell was history,

And the beast’s human identity was no longer a mystery.

Ariel wanted adventure-

Not just under the sea.

She longed for life above the surface,

And for legs with which to run free.

When she meets Eric, Ariel can walk on land,

But she has no voice.

The evil sea witch had taken that away

It was Ariel’s price to pay for her choice.

Ariel had to marry Eric before the sea witch got him first.

The sea witch was defeated, to the triumph of the merfolk,

And no longer was Ariel accursed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just from sheer boredom and a lifelong appreciation for the enduring magic and cultural influence of the fairy tale.

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