For My Mother

You are someone I will always admire

For your compassion without ceasing

And your listening ear that will never tire.

You have sacrificed comfort of your own

For the sake of those in need

Of kindness ever attentive

And the understanding you concede.

You deserve more than you ever will know

For the difference that you have made

In the lives of those who needed someone,

To those hearts your love was conveyed.

Yours is a patient, gentle spirit;

And with a mind that does not miss a thing,

There is a person who cares very deeply

Instilling hope to whomever your hope you can bring.

When you speak, everyone strains to hear

The words you so articulately use to express

A message so perceptive and clear.

Through all the times of hardship

Your empathy you did not forbear,

And when the road was perilous

I knew that you would always be there.

Just as when I needed an axiom to which I would adhere,

Your words were ones to rely on;

In my heart they are ever near…

For they come from my mother

So wise and dear.

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