The Fifth of May

The fifth of May-

What a glorious day

When the sun doth shine,

Whilst the breeze freely play!

Every blade of grass,

Together in jubilee,

Dost dance and quiver in viridian glee.

The robin robust is nobly strutting

Through the open lawn

Whilst house cats’ eyes are shutting.

Young green buds are eagerly awaking

To the sun’s gentle kiss

Upon morning’s breaking.

At high noon shall the sun

Then grace the blue sky

And clear out all clouds

Until the moon’s rising is nigh.

‘Til then shall we partake in this jubilant day

And forget all our cares

Letting the wind cast them away.

What is their to ponder,

But the creation of spring,

And God’s gift of the earth

Which provideth everything.  

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