Dream Written in the Sand

I wonder how much time I've spent on a dream

For it only to become just that-

A dream, nothing more-

That I once thought striving for

Was worth a dime in a hat.

Now I know I was wrong

To have believed for so long

That such wide-ranging dreams can come true.

It was simple I thought,

This desire I sought,

But it would ne'er eveb come into view.

This situation has not yet evolved,

Let alone, in time, be solved

Without my prerequisite in you.

Sometimes you are all I see;

My memories of you are haunting me,

And it it just too much

To bear on without your touch,

When have I last seen your beautiful face?

You are like a mirage

Rising up in my fall from grace,

And with the sun beating down on my back,

I have not the strength to erase

The image of you whom I lack.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This has a sort of trite, limerick-like quality, kind of like I'm trying to employ cool logic and brush off this past loss, but it's a circular argument with myself, where in the end, my feelings win.

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