Please welcome me back to my fantasyland

Beckon me away from all reprimand

And dispel completely each undue demand

Which burdens my spirit and resists the call

Of peace long-withstanding despite how I stall

I have created a paradise

Erected a fortress, its walls with ivy grown

I have tamed wild beasts

And unicorns I will harness

Steeds standing ever-present my plush mossy throne

Creatures unheard of in our disbelieving race

Have thrived in wild groves

Occupying sacred space

Faeries have danced in the mists of the dawn

Alongside the dryads, the nymphs and the faun

The elements are alive

And dwell in spirit form

Flowers and dewdrops the hillside adorn

How I have sought for this far-away place

Not knowing where to look

Fearing my mind will erase

This mystical island

Not amid the ocean but dreams

Dreams of flight and whimsy

So frail do they seem

Built on matter more flimsy

Than the sea's sandy shoulder

They're made of sea spray and steam

How much longer can this spirit place exist?

Will my belief in its magic forever persist?

It needs to be nurtured

Though by what, I do not know

It could all be gone in the wave of a hand

With a subtle flicker and glimmering glow

How was it that I preserved this land

Not so long ago?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a while back, found it, resurrected it, brushed it off a bit, and omitted all grammar to go with the free-flowing, sudden outpour of emotion as it slowly ran out.

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