My Element

The wind makes short time of expansive plains

Unharnessed, unbridle,

A spirited steed whose momentum never slows

And always gains, ever more mighty

The wind is a nuisance that indignantly scores

Any man or beast or

structure manmade or natural

That will challenge to rise above it

The wind has more force

And it has a will

Insight from the East,

A breath of fresh air

Cast all cares unto the wind

You shall surely never see them again

The same way twice

Come water, come ice

A benediction to the power

Of the prince of the poles

And the bride of the breath

That invigorates and in a fury destroys

Let it tousle your hair

Or uproot your flimsy fortresses

Those earthen abodes you erect in defiance

Of nature's battle champion

Dark knight of the sea's crests

Blow wind ever-changing

Never stagnate for long

Breathe life in gentle cotton-tail puffs

Destroy with garrolous gusts,

May they be swift and strong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have an affinity with the wind.  I could write forever.  Nature never ceases and neither can my praises for her.

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