Unconsciously Miserable

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If it all would have been up to me,

I’m sure I’d have stayed

Unconsciously miserable.

In fact I’d have probably spent my whole life being

Unconsciously miserable.

But when you ripped that away and tore it apart

The blindfold began to disintegrate.

And when I see you now I realize

Loneliness is not such a bad fate.

Because some things can make you feel even worse.

They’re not all that pleasurable.

And one place you never want to find yourself is

Unconsciously miserable.

I didn’t even realize I was being bended

in ways that really didn’t fit me.

And it wasn’t until it’d all been said and done

That it finally did hit me.

There’s something about people who cause disharmony

That really upsets me.

I prefer to steer clear of all that.

And I prefer someone who lets me.

And sometimes it’s hard enough taking care of me

Without someone so needy.

And it’s just not like me to spend days sitting around

In front of a t.v.

So I’m staying pretty conscious,

I’ll only settle for something

Completely incredible.

Because I never again want to wake up and see I’ve been

Unconsciously miserable.  

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darkangel358's picture

I really like this one alot. And I understand where you're coming from. Great job. Peace.