Not Giving Up Hope

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I’m not giving up hope.  

I’m going to swim against the flow.  

I’ll be able to cope.

I won’t turn my back on the things I know.

Sometimes I feel so alone.  

I feel like the whole world has gone insane.  

There’s a darkness that seems to have grown.

That’s clouding our instinct to be humane.

And we’ve become way to apathetic.  

So many are brainwashed by power hungry fools.

And I don’t claim to be prophetic.

But I do claim that love and compassion are important tools.  

I’m not giving up hope.  

I’m gonna stand up for justice at any cost.

I’m hanging on to the rope.  

I believe that our conscience is not yet lost.

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darkangel358's picture

Hey Jerry... Awesome new poem. I love the message you are expressing here. I believe that it is right to stand up for what you believe in, even if you're the only one standing.