If I Could Just Be A Fucking Asshole

6-The Weird Stuff

I'd never have to feel sad,

I wouldn't get hurt so bad,

Losing you wouldn't drive me mad,

If I could just be a fucking asshole.

No girl could ever make me cry.

I'd always be able to get by.

I could argue, cheat, and lie.

If I could just be a fucking asshole.

I wouldn't be such an introvert.

It'd be other people, not me, getting hurt.

I'd just treat everybody like dirt.

If I could just be a fucking asshole.

I'd throw a big fit if things didn't go my way.

I'd be the heartbreaker, not the breakee.

I'd bitch and I'd moan, not care about anyone.

Unfortunately though, that's not me.

I wouldn't give a damn about you.

I'd just move on to something new.

The hell with one girl, I'd get two.

If I could just be a fucking asshole.

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~* Fiesty*~'s picture

I've often thought if I could just be a cold as ice and be a bitch, then maybe I wouldnt get hurt...but the thing is....you'd also have no love either...so I guess you have to take the hurt and pain in order to have the joy and the love...once again awesome poem.

darkpool's picture

Good idea ... if only we didn't care how we treated other people, then we could go through life without guilt, and take what we want. Trouble is, everybody else would be an asshole too.