Gonna Be All Right

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I wake up at three in the morning

with so many thoughts inside my head.

I feel like driving across the desert

but I just stare out the window instead.

Thinking about how things will be

and dreaming of the coming years.

The laughter and the craziness,

the love, the joy, the work, the tears.

You know it's gonna be all right.

Blessed are the peacemakers,

the pure at heart, the merciful, the meek.

Turn the world around, turn the lights out,

turn the channel, turn the other cheek.

This time it's not just love.

It's life, it's true, it's happiness.

And eighty years from tomorrow,

I'm not gonna love you any less.

You know it's gonna be all right.

So let's go crazy all night long,

go over there and close the shade.

If caring stands for anything,

you know we've surely got it made.

And when I wake up at three o'clock

in the morning in the middle of the night.

I'll just glance out the window

and I'll know I'm gonna be all right.

You know it's gonna be all right.

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darkangel358's picture

Hey, Great new poems. I read them all in this folder. I really liked this one the best, I guess, because as of lately I can truly relate to it. And as one of my good friends taught me..."the past is in the past & we can't dwell in it, and throughout life we will be burned countless times, that's just part of life, & we need to let go of all of that, though the burns may still sting a little, we must live on & treasure what we have..." So, all in all, "It's gonna be alright". Awesome poem, keep writing & keep the faith.
Your friend & fellow poet,