Just Like All the Rest


When I got up on stage, I fought like a knight

and finally ended up winning the fight.

The princess I won and I took in my arms.

I thought that forever I'd live with her charms.

But I became used, and my mind was confused

with illusions that she was the best.

When she's just like all of the rest.

What was it about her? I won't ever know,

as I hoped and I prayed that she never would go.

Now that she's gone I just don't understand.

My life seems as futile as a small grain of sand.

Could it be how she looked? Maybe what she cooked?

Or maybe the way that she dressed?

No, she's just like all of the rest.

I went backstage for the next costume change.

Now I play the court jester and it just feels so strange.

Because a jester is hiding from all of his fears.

And his laughter's a cover for all of his tears.

But I can't see why I should sit here and cry.

Or why I was so damned obsessed.

When she's just like all of the rest.

Bad karma is something you cannot outrun.

It's gonna stay with you until it is done.

And you can't find another, it'd be just the same.

There's no way out except swallow the pain.

I guess it was fate, I think she looks great

all the time. But surely I jest.

She's just like all of the rest.

I never will know how the play's end will be.

All I got up to was act two, scene three.

Then I stepped down and I got off the stage.

You can't finish the book if you won't turn the page.

At first it did seem I was living a dream,

but the dream was a nightmare I guess.

Because she's just like all of the rest.

I will tell you this, it was me who was slain.

And now I am left here with nothing to gain.

And the jester, well, he never did like the knight.

But neither was seen 'cause they both had stage fright.

Now I sit in my room, humming a tune

about how I feel so depressed.

She's just like all of the rest.

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