Heber Springs, June 2002


Heber Springs sunset

Hot June night.

Mystical couple becoming better acquainted

somewhere between the trees surrounding the lake.

Lips caress soft, dark skin.

Love pours forth near the carved picnic tables

and radiates into the woods.

Couple deeply astounded with each other's being.

Trying to understand where they've been.

And how they would get to where they were going in life

without ever being apart.

My life has been through the good and the bad.

I've seen and done so many things.

But I've only seen this kind of love one time.

On a summer night in Heber Springs.

Car ride in city limits.

Intimate space

where alone together truly meant alone together.

Shut off from the rest of the world.

Moving towards a new world.

A world where all past pain, sorrow, and emptiness

melts into a giant ball of love.

And that giant ball of love encompasses everything,

past, present, and future.

I can't escape the memories I have of you.

Each one attaches to my mind and clings.

It's like my brain keeps showing the same slide show.

Of a summer night in Heber Springs.

Dimly lit bedroom.

Seattle grunge hero puffing cigarette on the wall.

His lovely widow gazes at us from just beside the bed.

Beautiful couple, hand in hand.

Discussing life, and music, and magazine topics,

and their own little space.

Flashes of moments that'll never disappear from memory.

Lips wrapped around part of my body/part of my soul.

Like the embrace of an archangel

as your spirit passes through the gates of heaven.

Like the embrace of true love

that can only happen once in a lifetime.

I love the memory of having you in my arms.

And the wonderful feelings that memory brings.

I wish I could be at that place right now.

On a summer night in Heber Springs.

There's a true belief within me.

Some deep psychic knowledge.

That one day we will be together.

Love is supposed to conquer everything.

And what a perfect story of true love we would have

if we could just get to that happy ending.

One day all of our problems will dissolve.

But even if our physical bodies

never shared the same space again

the love I have for you will continue

in so many dimensions,

in so many aspects of our person.

I believe in you much more than I believe in time or space.

And you'll always be able to feel my love around you.

Like a part of your aura

that'll never stop surrounding you.

There is a way for the two of us to stay together.

Anytime you're with me my heart just sings.

I want to live the rest of my life,

Like a summer night in Heber Springs.

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