Love Don't Matter No More


Fallen angels can make you cry

when you think about what they're worth.

Shooting stars burn their light out and die

before they get close to the earth.

But when love dies it's the saddest thing of all.

Because you try and you try and you still fall.

Just show me to the door.

Because love don't matter no more.

We never could go to a show,

I always cheered for the villain.

We never could listen to the radio,

you like pop, I like Dylan.

We couldn't do a thing and that's the worst part.

What do you do with a worn out heart

that's rotted to the core?

Because love don't matter no more.

This world ain't much for a man of peace,

They wind up getting killed in time.

And this world really ain't much for me

though I don't really understand why.

This world ain't much for anything I get.

I try and I try and I still get wet

by a huge sudden downpour.

Love don't matter no more.

I lost everything I ever had, today just after noon.

So I'm sitting here feeling something really sad,

unable to change the tune.

Because life can make you feel so afraid,

when you lose the things you thought you had made

and the girl that you adore.

Love don't matter no more.

The end of the tunnel is just ahead,

walk straight for the light.

Even though it hurts when you go to bed

and try to sleep at night.

Because nothing you can do will make the earth stop.

And I'm not gonna just stand here and drop

my heart upon the floor.

Love don't matter no more.

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