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I'm trying to find some patience.

Because I have to wait so long for you.

And if I could just get some patience

then I could easily make it through.

So I'm trying to still my mind again.

And I'm trying to let all bad feelings out.

And I'm trying to get back to feeling more happy.

And I'm trying to wait for you, patiently.

I'm not sure where you are tonight.

And I'm not sure how you feel.

If I could only talk to you right now

At least some of my wounds would heal.

I just can't wait to be with you.

I can't wait to put my arms around you too.

I can't wait until it's just you and me.          

So I'm trying to wait for you, patiently.

I knew you and I had something strong

from the first time I talked to you.

But it seems we have to wait so long.

And that can be such a hard thing to do.

I hope you can feel my love from afar.

Because I feel something from you that's so fine.

And I look out now and wish upon a star

that one day you will be all mine.

I'm thinking about you constantly.

And I'm trying to wait for you, patiently.

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